Example 3

Example 3

Adventure superplot no. 3: Loss of companions

 “Something’s out there waiting for us, and it’s not human. We’re all gonna die here.” 

Billy – off: Predator (1987)

Short info: Loss of companions
  A group of companions is decimated.

What is the superplot “loss of companions” about?

The plot of “Loss of Companions” is ideally about tough, emotionless people who have to endure so much human loss on their journey that their own lives seem worth living again. Through the death of others the protagonist starts to feel again. The setting of the plot is mostly dark and threatening.

What are the figure targets?

It requires an overpowering opponent, a real and/or atmospheric narrowness that leads to the decimation of the companions, and a group whose social cohesion is not too close. The protagonist tries to keep his team together and prevent losses. Only a group that is not very close to each other can cope with the fact that their troop is decimated. It is also possible that a dispute about the best way to reach the goal develops.

At the centre of this plot is the loss of companions on a journey. In search of a destination, a group is decimated. And again, there is a powerful enemy against whom the companions hardly stand a chance. In the end, a single fighter or a greatly reduced group remains, which should defeat the enemy.

Film samples are …

Predator (1987) with Arnold Schwarzenegger

The wild geese (1978) with Richard Burton

Saving Private Ryan (1998) with Tom Hanks

3:10 to Yuma (2007) with Christian Bale

Pitch Black (2000) with Vin Diesel

King Kong (2005) with Jack Black

Anaconda (1997) with Jennifer Lopez


The Thin Red Line (1998) with James Caviezel