Good & Evil

The simple thought of “fending off evil” is present in almost every adventure story. “Evil” can be malevolent creatures such as orcs seeking world domination.

Evil can take the form of obstacles in a maze. For example, evil can be an opposing group of gangsters who have kidnapped the protagonist’s partner.

Evil has many faces in adventure stories. In adventure stories, it is essential to portray evil as a power that you have to fight against in order to defeat it.

Evil always tries to gain the upper hand or dominate. You should always keep this in mind and integrate it into your story through the characters or the plot.

prove friendship

An adventure is rarely experienced by just one person, but almost always by a whole group. One can call this group “companions”. In adventure stories the companions face enemies and challenges. On their adventure journey, the Companions have the opportunity to prove their help and friendship to each other.

Separation & finding together

Friendship and proof of friendship are an important part of many adventure stories. To enable dialogues on a journey and to make the plot varied, several characters are needed. Within the group of companions, deep friendship and trust therefore almost always develops during the journey.

But it can also lead to separation and splitting of the companion group. From the group of companions two essential aspects of adventure stories arise: People coming together or getting separated.

In adventure it is usually the pressure from outside by a vicious enemy that causes the separation. “Evil” determines the aspects of coming together and separating and thus determines the essential movement of the characters towards or away from each other.

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