The plots you will learn in this chapter will help you to orientate yourself in the wide field of adventure stories. Even in adventure stories there is almost always a dominant plot, the superplot. Once you have gained an overview of the narrative possibilities, you will more easily recognize which Superplot exactly you want to tell.

Of course an adventure story can contain many of the plots I mentioned earlier. However, an ideally designed story will be limited to a single plot in its center, and the other plots will tell as subplots.   

Before we take a closer look at the individual plots, I would like to give you an overview of the most successful adventure plots:

13 Superplots for adventure stories

 1st search 
  Something significant is sought.

  2nd escape 
  Mostly wild animals or gangsters hunt a
 group of companions.

  3. loss of companions
  A group of companions is decimated.

  4. coming together of companions
  Looking for helpers to help you through an adventure

  5. emergence of friendship
  The mutual approach of people on a journey is the emotional component of almost all adventure stories.

  6. overcoming obstacles
  A multitude of traps and obstacles have to be overcome by a group. (The obstacles are mainly set by people) 

  7. crossing a labyrinth
Aimless search as well as escape and drive through an unmanageable terrain.

  8. race against time
  Something big has to be managed, and time is pressing.

 9. race against each other
  Two groups hunt and search for a person or thing.

  10th fight against a superior force
  A fight escalates. Eventually, the Companions face a huge power and challenge.

  11. internal development
  On a dangerous journey a person finds to himself.

 12. learn skills
  To survive on a journey, a character must improve and perfect his skills.

  13. coping with the force of nature
  Nature is the enemy. The hero has to cross and master a mountain, a ravine, a river or a desert, for example.

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