Why are the Superplots located within genres?

Genres already represent a rough definition of the content. It makes a difference whether you write a thriller or an adventure story. Genres help you to narrow down your story very roughly. Superplots help you to create an interesting and promising story within a genre.

Is there another name for “Superplots”?

Superplots are what Aristotle called myths. By myths Aristotle understood recurring, successful and proven narrative motifs in the history of narrative.

Why are many stories similar?

That’s because of the superplots. There are not infinitely many successful plots. Superplots are general and eternal narrative structures that repeat themselves over centuries of narrative history. In a way, superplots form a pool of the most successful narrative motifs.

Why are superplots especially important for authors?

Superplots make it easier for authors to find a successful plot. A successful plot is the basis for an interesting story. With an interesting story, you will attract the attention of editors and producers and ultimately get a commission. By using Superplots you increase your chances of success.

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