Example 2

Example 2

Crime superplot number 7:
 Pursuit: Hunting for Criminals

“Get ready for war.”

off: War (2007)

Short info: Pursuit – hunting for criminals
A suspect or criminal is pursued by all means (car, helicopter, on foot, etc.)

What is the superplot “Pursuit: Hunting for Criminals”?

This plot is about a high-speed hunt for a criminal gang. The plot is strongly action oriented and therefore has a cinematic character. The actors belong to the police or a special police unit. They can also be FBI agents who want to solve a case.

What are the figure targets?

Two cops, often working together for many years, have to deal with a large and difficult case that requires all their skills. They penetrate deeper and deeper into dark machinations and soon become the target of the opposing side.

Further notes on the plot …

The dialogues are polished. The cops’ methods are rough. The team often consists of outsiders within the police force. They don’t always, but in this one case that they’re pursuing, they have the right nose and come up with a big case that’s almost too big for them. Nevertheless, they stay on the ball and get involved, even if they are temporarily taken off the case or have to subordinate themselves to another unit.

Precisely because the investigators have been together for a long time, nothing special happens between them. The sparks that ignite the plot must therefore come from outside. A strong opponent challenges them. And one event follows the next. The action rarely comes to rest.

Potential for conflict

In the search for a gang of criminals, the investigators are targeted by the criminals and are themselves threatened.

Film samples are …

War (2007) with Jason Statham

The French Connection (1971) with Gene Hackman

A serial example is …

Lethal Weapon 1-4 (1987-1998) with Mel Gibson

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