Example 3

Example 3

Crime Superplot No. 6: The Expert

“My name is Patrick Jane. I’m here to help you.”

off: The Mentalist (2008)

Short info: The Expert

 An expert is called in because a crime cannot be solved without his help.

What is the superplot “The Expert” about?

An expert is needed when the normal police are at a loss. Then an outside expert is called in. Because of his talents, he looks at the case from a different, completely new angle, whereupon the case can be solved.

What are the figure targets?

The expert is in a kind of competition with the normal police. He can easily be relieved of work, but his expert knowledge should be so significant that this does not happen. In order for the expert to be needed, a case needs to be made that is opaque and almost impossible to solve.

Further notes on the plot …

A mysterious case forms the basis for the expert’s work. He always has a brilliant idea how to solve the case. The expert can be a particularly gifted detective. But he can also come from a civil, everyday environment that has nothing to do with fighting crime. Then the two worlds (crime and everyday life) can mix.

Potential for conflict

A good expert always has conflicts with the official police. He can be a private person, an ex-policeman or even a (former) criminal. He always infects other people because of his brilliant knowledge.

Film samples are …

Jack Reacher (2012) with Tom Cruise

The Silence of the Lambs (1991) with Jodie Foster

Serial examples are…

Monk (2002-2009) with Tony Shalhoub

The Mentalist (2008-2015) with Simon Baker

Numbers (2005-2010) with Rob Morrow

Elementary (2012-2019) with Jonny Lee Miller

The example of a novel is…

Jack Reacher novels (since 1997) by Lee Child