Superplots for Love Storys

Superplots for Love Storys

If you follow superplots that many other writers before you have used as a guide, you have a better chance of making your story a success. Below is a brief overview of the Superplots of love stories.

The 29 love story superplots discovered so far:

  29 love story superplots  
1. forbidden love
Two people fall in love. A third person, who forbids the love affair, stands in the way.
2. love & jealousy 
Two people fall in love. A jealous third person is in the way, angry about the love of the two.
3. secret love affair
  Two people fall in love, but a third person is also involved. This does not prevent love, but makes it more difficult.
4. love in a roundabout way
  A love relationship already exists, but because the two lovers are brought apart, the power of love has to bring the two together again.

  5. love intrigue
  Two people fall in love and one of them only pretends to have honest intentions. The relationship is built on intrigue.

  6. love lies
  A relationship is built on a lie or concealment. However, the lied person experiences emotional liberation through the liar and believes to have found the ideal partner.

  7. obsession
  Two people love each other full of desire. Sex is the most important thing in a relationship, which is why the initial love is soon lost.
  8. discovery of love
  A person inexperienced in sexuality and love is looking for sexual adventure or to discover true love. In this way the person becomes an experienced lover.

  9. revenge after separation
  One of the lovers has broken up or wants to do so, the spurned partner seeks revenge and wants to do harm.
  10. separation duel
  Two love partners argue and fight with all possible and impossible means.
  11. burdened love
  A love relationship is pushed to the limits of its capacity
 and beyond, for example through illness, professional situation or physical separation.
12. second chance
  After many good or bad experiences with love, a person gets the chance to meet a truly lovable person.
13. secret admirer
  Someone loves a person, but cannot openly show their love.
  14. ascent or descent through love
  A love relationship leads to the love partner or one of them rising or falling socially and financially.
  15. love for sale
  A love can only be fulfilled if money is paid for it.
  16. difficult choice of partner
  A person consciously or unconsciously seeks a partner
 for life and has to decide who is the right one.
17. transformation
  Two extremely contrasting people ultimately find themselves together in harmony due to an external or internal transformation.
  18. rescue of the beloved in need
  A couple is separated by dramatic circumstances. One of them tries to save the other.
  19. being kissed awake
  In a newly developing relationship, one of the two suddenly experiences fun and joy in life, i.e. is literally “kissed awake” by the other.
20. learning (loving) by confusion
  For example, one of the love partners has to slip into another role. The protagonist (= the first main character of a story) learns to live and love anew.
  21. the protector
It is centrally about a person in need of protection. The protector can be a protection professional (security guard, bodyguard), but also a cop or a criminal.
  22. dream man/dream woman
A person meets their dream partner. She either tries to seduce this dream partner or it happens all by itself that the two get along well.

  23. fabulous ascent
A person rises and has to prove himself in the unfamiliar environment.
  24. discover a secret
A person slowly reveals a secret about another loved one. The other person’s secret can be serious. But it can be partly through good will or sufficient explanation
  25. the rumor mill
A person comes to a small town or village. A love affair between a foreign and a local person causes rumours and misunderstandings in the small community.
26. getting involved with a stranger
A person gets involved with a dangerous stranger, unknown person. The dangerous person, however, as it later turns out, has a big heart.

  27. humiliation
In this plot, a person gets involved with a person who humiliates them.
28 Casanova/Maneater
This plot is about the adventure a person embarks on to get as many partners as possible.

29. incest
There is a secret sexual relationship between close blood relatives.

(The superplots for love stories will be explained in more detail in a book to be published soon).

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