Example 2

Example 2

Thriller Superplot Number 2: Disassembly

“This is Orwell’s world out there.”

off: Enemy of the State (1998)

  Short info: Disassembly
  Nothing is as it once was: a person’s life is ruined. There’s a plot behind it.

What is the superplot “disassembly” about?

The tranquil life of a person suddenly collapses. The person is suspected of a crime he did not commit. Professional colleagues, friends and family turn away from the person. In addition, the person is persecuted. The person being dismantled is soon abandoned by everyone. At the moment when the person is on the ground, he finds help from a friend who supports him in taking action against the schemers.

What are the figure targets?

A person becomes the victim of an intrigue either by a small mistake or by chance. The person’s existence is to be destroyed, for example by being accused of a crime or to cover up another crime. The other side is absolutely merciless towards the person and does everything to destroy the person socially, morally and financially.

Further notes on the plot …

Many stories do not treat this plot centrally, but as a subplot, such as “Absolute Power” or “The Next Three Days” (2010). Only a few stories put this plot in the center.

Film samples are …

Enemy of the State (1998) with Will Smith

Absolute Power (1997) with Clint Eastwood

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