Example 3

Example 3

Thriller superplot no. 4:
Save/protect someone

“It’s a game, a game you play whether you like it or not. To you it’s a matter of feeling, to Peter’s kidnapper it’s a business. The sooner you get used to the idea, the easier it will be.”

off: Proof of Life (2000)

Short info: Save/protect someone
A person must take a high risk in order to save and/or protect another person.

What is the superplot “Save/Protect Someone” about?

Either a person has been kidnapped or they’re going to be killed. Either way, a person’s life is in danger. A protector comes and tries to save the life of the person. Or one tries to protect the life of the person from a distance. There are negotiations and a search for the endangered person and in the end a duel with the hostage-takers or with those who are endangered.

What are the figure targets?

A helpless person is threatened. She is kidnapped or about to be killed. Usually it is a group of dangerous people who are trying to kill the helpless person. A rescuer figure, who is often the protagonist of the action, appears who tries to protect the person. There are either several duels with the dangerous persons or a negotiation that fails or threatens to fail. The rescuer tries to eliminate the companions, because otherwise there is no hope for the helpless person.

Further notes on the plot …

Stories with this plot are on the one hand very story-driven. On the other hand, they also show a psychological duel between the protagonist and his companions. Usually it is about kidnapping or a murder with announcement. This is followed by a character who either has a personal contact or the order to provide help. She is supposed to protect and save the helpless person.

Film samples are …

Terminator 2 – Judgment Day (1991) with Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Marine (2006) with John Cena

Taken (2008) with Liam Neeson

Ransom (1996) with Mel Gibson

Olympus has fallen (2013) with Gerard Butler

The Rock (1996) with Sean Connery

The Next Three Days (2010) with Russell Crowe

Proof of Life (2000) with Russell Crowe