Objects in the Thriller

Objects in the Thriller

There are objects that can create or obstruct voltage. In this chapter you will learn that objects can perform an important function. Objects are ambivalent. This means that an object can, for example, lead to a person or lead away from him. So an object always has two sides.

Dramaturgically, it is relatively easy to initiate a persecution with the help of an object. Let us explain this to you using a film example: A camera records a murder. By chance, a person comes into possession of the videotape that can prove the murder and could convict the perpetrator. The person who possesses this video tape is hunted down from then on and by all means. In a few words, this is the plot of the thriller “Enemy of the State”.

A person can therefore possess something that proves his guilt or innocence. Or a person has any object that is important to another person. With this simple constellation almost every thriller is set in motion.

This is not about the object itself. I make every object into something important or something unimportant. On a matchbox there can be a phone number that leads to the perpetrator or the person who is chasing him. Or else: in a cheap figure, for example, there is an important microchip that contains the blueprint for a life-threatening weapon.

Items can not only be a tool for thrillers to advance a story, but this works in any other genre as well.

Small, seemingly insignificant objects become valuable objects through a meaningful content (a message, a code, a sign). It becomes entertaining and exciting when the owner does not know the true value of an object or it only gradually becomes apparent to him. The object becomes an object of desire and there can be a competition to get hold of it.

The film director Alfred Hitchcock called these objects “MacGuffin”. The content of a MacGuffin is not really important. Much more important is its meaning for a person and his or her absolute desire to obtain it. With this constellation the most adventurous stories can be told.

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