Want & Need

Want & Need

It is similar to the crime story. Here, too, the story starts out from an intact world in which the protagonist finds himself. After that there is a development from “Want” to “Need”. As it is the case with the thriller, a prequel is revealed. This happens especially concerning the protagonist. Thereby he finds out why he is hunted and by whom. Only when he knows that, he can react and turn the tables.

The protagonist thus lives in an idyll from the very beginning, in which a threat penetrates. The protagonist tries to evade the pressure that the threat puts on him (= “Want”). Later he tries to win comrades-in-arms and helpers with whom he can build up a relationship. In the end he finds real friends who stick by him or a partner who loves him (= “Need”). Of course the “Need” depends on the inner logic of a story and can vary.

  The Want-and-Need model for thrillers 
Starting point
The story begins in the everyday world of the protagonist. This world is calm and peaceful. The protagonist has no idea that his ideal world will soon collapse.
The Want
At first, the protagonist tries to escape the threat directed against him. In the further course of time his “shroud” changes. Later, the protagonist wants to take revenge on those who seek to kill him and turns the tables.
The Need
At the end the protagonist gets the satisfaction that he can defeat his tormentors and make them harmless. Moreover, it’s also possible that love or a friendship to a person develops during the course of the plot. The “Need” always also depends on the inner logic of a story.

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